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Comic strip: The Orange Magician

Comic strip: The Orange Magician

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Jimmy Delp, aka " The Orange Magician ", has quickly established himself in the world of magic thanks to his captivating performances, notably on television in shows such as "America's Got Talent" and "The Greatest Cabaret in the World" . 

His talent and creativity have earned him numerous awards, as well as performances throughout the world.

This unique comic strip, illustrated in a style reminiscent of Margaux Motin, immerses us with delight in the daily life full of energy and fantasy of Jimmy Delp. 

Through a multitude of colorful anecdotes, you will be transported into his world, discovering the hilarious challenges he faces, whether during his plane trips, magic tricks gone wrong or performing in front of a large audience. excited children.

In summary, more than 70 pages of good humor and humor, offering a touching look at the life of a magician and a contagious philosophy of life. A must-read for all lovers of magic and joie de vivre!

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