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Confetti Launcher

Confetti Launcher

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After years of using expensive disposable and refillable confetti cannons, finally discover the ideal solution: our eco-friendly, practical, small and lightweight confetti thrower. Designed to propel your confetti more than 5 meters in height, it is perfect for your stage entrances or your magical effects.

Main Features :

  • Ecological innovation: Inspired by slingshots, our confetti thrower is equipped with a capsule that can receive confetti, thus offering an ecological and sustainable alternative to traditional cannons.

  • Versatility of use: Use it yourself before entering the stage or have it pulled by an assistant at the appropriate time, providing complete flexibility in your performance.

  • Efficiency and Reusability: More efficient than commercial cannons, our confetti launcher is infinitely reusable, saving you time and money.

  • Spectacular: For an even more impressive effect, use large confetti, guaranteeing a colorful shower that will captivate your audience.

Content of the Pack:

  • 1 Confetti Launcher


  • Size and Weight: Small and lightweight, for easy handling and maximum portability.
  • Recommended Use: Ideal for any type of show, event or celebration.

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