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Infinity Whistle

Infinity Whistle

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Dazzle your audience by producing infinity whistles straight from your mouth with the Infinity Whistle . A breathtaking tour that will captivate your audience with every performance.

Main Features :

  • Spectacular Effect: Produce unlimited whistles, providing a unique visual and auditory spectacle with each use.

  • Ease of Use: Delivered with all the gimmicks in a fabric bag, accompanied by a complete explanatory video to guide you step by step in performing the trick.

  • Color Options: Available in yellow, light blue, navy, green, and chrome, to suit your style and personality.

  • Price Varied: From €39, except for the chrome version which is €49.

Content of the Pack:

  • Multilingual Explanatory Video : Learn to master the trick thanks to an explanatory video in French with English subtitles, for optimal understanding.

  • Set of Gimmicks

  • Whistle for Completing the Tour


  • Size and Weight: Compact and lightweight, for easy transport when traveling on tour.

  • Recommended Use: Suitable for all levels of magicians, from beginner to professional.

Treat yourself to the Infinity Whistle today and transform each performance into a magical and unforgettable moment!

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